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My name is Linda Stern and I am a collagist from Vienna. I was born (1994) and grew up in a rural part of Austria, Tyrol. I decided to pursue a career in the creative sector and studied graphic design in Vienna. Since the beginning of my education collages have fascinated and moved me. The feelings they can depict, the stories they can tell - that's what I wanted to do. So I started to produce handmade and digital collages myself. But what i like most about that type of work is that there are almost no rules and laws and you can let your creativity run free.






Presentation in print magazine
@Achterbahn magazine

online exhibition 
in Vienna 

@mads milano
contemporary exhibition
in Milan

Artist of the Week
@Achterbahn magazine

BRONZE Illustration 
Illustration Powerhouse
Indigo Design Award 2019

Linda Stern - visual artist 

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